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You may advertise job vacancies, events and other items of interest to members of the SfEP in the following ways.


Job vacancies can be posted on SfEPAnnounce, our email list that reaches all of our Professional and Advanced Professional Members.

  • Non-members, Entry-Level Members and Intermediate Members may advertise for both freelancers and in-house staff without limit. Each advertisement costs £260.00 (£312.00 inc. VAT), with payment in advance. NB: Each job advertised constitutes one advertisement.
  • Corporate Subscribers may advertise, free of charge, an unlimited number of both freelance assignments and in-house positions.
  • Professional and Advanced Professional Members may advertise for freelancers only, free of charge and with no limit.

Please download the SfEPAnnounce job advert template (PDF form) and open it in your PDF reader (not in your browser) where you can complete, save, print and submit the form. Then contact the SfEP administrator to arrange payment (if applicable).

For advertisements other than job vacancies, please contact the SfEP administrator.

SfEP publications

Advertising may be available in our publications. For further information, contact the marketing director.

SfEP website

We do not accept advertising on our website. The only exception is for sponsors of our annual conference.