FAQs: Specialist mentoring

Click any of the frequently asked questions below to see the corresponding answer. Note that the mentoring FAQs (on mentored proofreading and copy-editing) also apply to specialist mentoring.

What options are available?

Four specialisms are now offered, and we plan to add others, including medicine:

  • academic law
  • academic music
  • biomedical journals (copy-editing only)
  • fiction

Who is this for?

Specialist mentoring is aimed at a range of members, from improvers who have a background in the subject area to experienced members wanting to extend their skill set. Only SfEP members can apply.

Can any member apply?

Yes. All applicants will be expected to show sufficient knowledge of the specialism, including its terminology, conventions and readership.

What are the qualifying courses?

If you are a Professional member, there are no qualifying courses (but see the requirements for fiction editing, below), though you must know enough about the specialism to cope. If you are an Entry-level or Intermediate member, you will need to show you have completed one course from each column in these two lists, which include some discontinued or forthcoming courses:

SfEP Copy-editing 1: introduction SfEP Copy-editing 2/3: progress
SfEP Copy-editing 2: headway/progress SfEP Copy-editing problems
SfEP Copy-editing 3: progress PTC Advanced copy-editing
PTC Basic copy-editing PTC Copy-editing
PTC Basic proofreading  
SfEP Proofreading 2/3: progress  
Or suitable in-house training [please ask]  

What are the requirements for fiction?

Professional members (PM or APM) can apply for mentoring in fiction editing if they have edited two or three substantial works of fiction or have completed the SfEP Introduction to Fiction Editing. Entry-Level or Intermediate members will need to show evidence that they have successfully completed Introduction to Fiction Editing and two of the qualifying courses listed above.

Can proofreaders apply? What if I have been a mentee before?

If all your experience is in proofreading, you can still apply for specialist mentoring provided you are a professional member (PM or APM) or you can show evidence of one course from each column in the table above. Applicants for fiction editing must meet its special requirements shown above. Specialist mentoring is open to members who have previously been mentored in proofreading or copy-editing.

How many assignments will I get?

You can typically expect one assignment in proofreading and three in copy-editing. Note that the biomedical journal option is copy-editing only.

How much tutor support will I get?

Your tutor will be paid for 25 hours’ work, supplying the material and brief, giving guidance, feedback and advice, answering your questions and assessing your work.