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Looking for comment?

Journalists and editors seeking comment on any matter relating to the SfEP, or to editorial issues in general, should contact our marketing and PR director.

Have something to offer? Let’s talk

Editors and proofreaders are generally a friendly bunch. We like to help each other and share things. So if you think your bunch of people has something useful to share with our bunch of people, let’s talk.

For example, we have discounts or reciprocal deals for our members with these nice people:

Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders & Indexers
The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
PolicyBee professional indemnity insurance
Cambridge University Press
Certitec training
Cult Pens
European Association of Science Editors
Effective Onscreen Editing
Epoq legal helpline
Online Content Training
Inpress Books
The Indexer
Oxford University Press
Profile Books
Publishing Training Centre
Society of Indexers
Mediterranean Editors & Translators (MET)
Editors Queensland (EdsQ)
Bloomsbury Institute