Karen Atkinson Editorial

Location Keswick, Cumbria, UK
Website www.karenatkinsoneditorial.co.uk
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I've been providing friendly, reliable and thorough editorial services to regular and new clients since 2009. I enjoy working with academics, businesses, and authors of fiction and non-fiction books from around the world. 

I think that good editing fully preserves the author's voice and message while providing clarity, consistency and accuracy. This requires communication and trust between author and editor. I very much enjoy creating strong editorial relationships, combining skills developed over many years with a friendly, down-to-earth approach. 

Please see my website for further information or contact me to discuss your project's editorial needs.


  • Copy-editing, proofreading, and proof-editing (all on-screen or hard-copy).
  • BSI proofreading marks.
  • MS Word tracked changes.
  • PDF proofreading markup. 


  • Independent fiction and non-fiction writers: copy-editing and proofreading. I work on manuscripts intended either for self-publishing or for submission to agents/publishers. 
  • Business writers: copy-editing, proofreading, and proof-editing. I work on a wide range of content including business reports and plans, professional development articles, blog posts, and presentations.
  • Academic writers: copy-editing and proofreading. I work on monographs, journal articles, and funding applications. (Note: in line with academic regulations, basic proofreading is the only service I offer for PhD theses and other assessed work).


  • PhD: law - passed with no corrections.
  • MSc: social and community research - passed with distinction.
  • LLB (Hons): law - 2:1 (upper second).


  • SfEP (Copy-Editing).
  • SfEP (Editing with Word).


  • I have close to a decade of professional editorial experience and training. 
  • I combine my editing business with working part-time as a research associate at the School of Law & Social Justice, University of Liverpool. 
  • I have previously worked as a law lecturer and director of a research unit. I also worked as a study skills adviser whilst completing my PhD, which involved helping students to develop their writing skills. I apply the experience and skills gained in these roles both to my editing work itself and to my method of communicating with clients.


"Karen is extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient, fast, very attentive to detail – simply brilliant! As the editor of my children’s book 'Little Monstrie’s Big Adventures', she helped me express exactly what I wanted in the best possible way and in my own voice. As a bilingual writer and filmmaker, I’ve worked with dozens of editors and proofreaders over the years, and Karen is definitely one of the very best! I’m happy to have her on my team!" 

M. Kabanova

"It has been great to work with Karen. She has been a thorough and dedicated editor, helping turn my rough draft into a polished manuscript. Karen carried out a copy-edit and proofread of my novel - and thank goodness she did! As an author, you spend so many hours poring over your work that it's easy to make continuity errors and fail to spot small mistakes. Karen's feedback and edits ensured that my final manuscript looked professional and ready for publication.

Karen has also been very flexible, juggling assignments to achieve timelines. This has been invaluable when it has taken me longer than anticipated to complete sections of my manuscript."

S. Sandys

"I spent ages debating whether having my manuscript copy-edited would be a cost-effective and worthwhile process. I'm so very glad that I did, and that I chose Karen to support me. Her attention to detail, inciteful suggestions and candid comments have most definitely enhanced the finished product. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen as a copy-editor." 

J. Myerscough

"I may be a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Master of Laws with Distinction, but I was not so complacent as to submit my redrafted and many times revised 80,000 word PhD thesis without proper proofreading. I approached Karen and can honestly say that all the reviews here are absolutely spot on. Karen’s approach is honest, confident and reassuring. She had no difficulty keeping to agreed targets despite dealing with new complexity and dense philosophy. Her professional integrity, skills and superb attention to detail are combined with a much-needed personal approach. I sincerely, thoroughly recommend her service."

J. Rowley

"After a long and unsuccessful search for a copy-editor that I felt comfortable with, I was lucky enough to find Karen through a chance internet search. From the first email I received, I knew she was the one. Karen is immediately warm and understanding in her approach. As a sensitive first-time novelist, I was unsure of the process, but Karen guided me through. Karen’s copy-editing is absolutely incredible. I have a very colloquial personal style which I have no doubt is very challenging to edit. Not only did Karen fully copy-edit my novel to a very high standard, but she managed to do it while still keeping my personal voice. Karen kept to all deadlines as promised and replied to all of my questions in a timely fashion. I thought the copy-edit process was going to be awful - watching my novel being ripped to shreds. It could not have been more different. The process was like watching my novel blossom.  I can not recommend Karen enough, and I hope that she will be available to work with for any further publications I write."

O. Cowling

"The story was improved hugely by Karen’s input. For those new to this, by not involving a skilled editor you miss the opportunity of seeing just how good your story writing can be. Karen was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to her help in the future."

C. Monck

"Karen recently edited my book, Chester: City of Ghosts. I used to teach English, so didn't really think I needed her expertise - was I wrong! Karen's input was invaluable. She noticed the tiniest details and just polished my prose until it shone. I am so grateful I called on her for help!" 

​M. A. Cameron

"My book, Fat is our Friend, was written in an attempt to de-mystify and clarify the complex and often misleading "official" nutrition guidelines. Yet it is written in the form of a story, outlining my personal journey – my voyage of discovery. This necessitated working with an editor who had a close eye for detail when it came to all the scientific references, yet one who also understood the importance of a good story-line. "A little more Daily Mail than Scientific American" was my brief (apologies to both journals) and Karen helped me here, combining accuracy (such as clarifying spelling uncertainty and references) with the ability to significantly improve the quality of my prose. In this context, numerous passages were re-written to improve understanding. Karen brought the benefits of approaching this complex subject from a distance and yet got involved enough to be able to make useful and constructive suggestions. I thank Karen and recommend her work and the quality of her advice wholeheartedly."

S. Pepys

"Working with Karen has been excellent. She is very reliable, eagle-eyed and supportive. The idiosyncracies of my draft work were addressed thoroughly and she made observations which were thought-provoking and astute. Usually these prompted me to clarify a point or strengthen the line of argument. We negotiated the timeline and she always managed to turn work around as agreed. This ensured I was able to meet some tight deadlines. I have no hesitation in recommending her."

S. Pearson

"Karen offered an admirably thorough and professional proofreading service, in collaboration with the writer, and was prompt and reasonably priced. I would recommend her without hesitation." 

R. Sutton