<b>SfEP self-test in proofreading</b>

Self-test A v.2.

<b><i>Follow the brief carefully when taking the test.</i></b> <br> In this test, you proofread a short article. You do this by answering questions about each section of the text in turn. <b>As you proceed, you may need to scroll down to see all of the questions.</b> <br>Each page contains the whole article, with one section of text in <b>bold</b> and several options for each type of change: you can delete, substitute, insert or query various items in this bold section. Click the buttons to show how you would correct the text. <br>You have to follow this client's rather idiosyncratic style guide: <br>&nbsp; &nbsp; • If you find an inconsistency, follow the prevailing style. For example, if you look through the whole article and find both ‘recognise’ and ‘recognize’ or both ‘36•4°C’ and ‘98•4°F’ that's an inconsistency. If you find that <i>-ise</i> is more common than <i>-ize</i>, or that most temperatures are given in Celsius, that is the prevailing style. You can then change the exceptions to make the text consistent.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; • If a particular question of style occurs only twice in the whole article and both options are acceptable, follow the style of the first occurrence. For example, if you find first 'email' and then 'e-mail', and each occurs only once, you should delete the hyphen in the second one.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; • You lose marks if you choose an incorrect change or query.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; • You are given your results at the end. If you'd like to try again, stop at that point and go back to the Tests page. If you want to see what you got wrong, you can click the button to continue and see the correct answers for each page. <br><i>Want to begin the test? Click the 'Next' button.</i>

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