Linking to the SfEP Directory of Editorial Services

Want to link your website or intranet directly to the SfEP Directory of Editorial Services, where almost 500 editorial professionals – copy-editors, proofreaders, structural editors, commissioning editors, project managers, copywriters, rewriters and more – are listed with details of their skills and experience? If so, please contact the membership director with details of where and how you would like to display our logo. Normally, the SfEP would be delighted to encourage your use of the logo, but as some abuse has occurred we no longer permit this except where expressly authorised.

As long as you have obtained our express authorisation to do so, here's how you may use this logo:

1. In an appropriate place within your intranet's code, insert the following HTML and save the code:

<a href="" title="Visit the Society for Editors and Proofreaders' Directory of Editorial Services" target="_blank"><img src="sfeplink.png" alt="The Society for Editors and Proofreaders" border="0" width="221" height="130" /></a>

2. Save the logo below as 'sfeplink.png' and place it in the same directory as the HTML source code.

SfEP logo

3. Clicking on this image hyperlink will now open a new browser window and load /directory/.