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The SfEP is a professional society for copy-editors and proofreaders. If you work in-house, work freelance or a bit of both, we welcome you. If you are thinking about proofreading or copy editing as a sideline to your main profession, or looking for a new career, we welcome you: but it takes experience, training and good luck to get established and earn your living as a proofreader or copy editor.

Proofreading and copy editing are about helping text (printed or electronic, mainstream or specialist) to read as well as it can, and spelling and punctuation are only part of that. For example, many companies and people publish in English, but it is not their first language; and different readers need different grammar and vocabulary (experts or general readers? adult, young adult or child readers?). Be part of the society that sets the standards.

Joining the SfEP

I feel certain that I would not have been able to develop my skills as effectively or find work so regularly had I not been a member, and I'd urge anyone working as a proofreader or editor to join.

Ian Howe