Becoming an individual member

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At what level can I join?

Anyone can join the SfEP as an Entry-Level Member. This is where you should start if you are thinking of trying to become a proofreader or copy-editor; if proofreading or copy-editing is part of what you do but not the main part; or if you are already a proofreader or copy-editor but you haven't done much editing yet.

If you have the right qualifications and experience, you can apply to enter at a higher level – as a provisional Intermediate, Professional or Advanced Professional Member. Once you have gained qualifications and experience, you can upgrade to those levels. This leaflet outlines our requirements for the different grades, and this one explains how to apply for the grades above Entry-Level Membership. See our membership structure for full details.

Compare membership grades

Before applying to join at a higher level, please check the requirements. Marshalling the evidence can take time: it might be better to join at Entry-Level (you don't have to tell anybody!) and take time to polish your application.

If you are a former member or associate rejoining the SfEP, you may not need to pay the usual processing fee(s). Please telephone the office before submitting an application form, so we can check whether this applies to you.

How much does it cost to join?