IM Available

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The IM Available list enables SfEP Intermediate Members to advertise their availability for work to the rest of the SfEP. It's intended to help them accumulate enough experience to upgrade to become Professional Members, when they can have an entry in the SfEP Directory of Editorial Services.

Anyone who belongs to the Society and who has suitable surplus work can offer to subcontract it to these individuals. Every fortnight, the link to the updated list of Intermediate Members available is emailed to all within SfEP. Entries show contact details, qualifications, skills, subjects and experience.

For those new to the profession, it is an ideal way to build up experience. Experienced editors joining the SfEP are likely to upgrade promptly and take out a Directory entry, but in the interim may find it useful to appear in the IM Available list.

Members can find out more by visiting the IM Available page in the members' area.

If you join as a provisional Intermediate Member, the system does not allow you to advertise in IM Available until your application has been approved.