Preparing for Professional Membership

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A special grade, ‘Intermediate Membership', is suitable for those with some experience in copy-editing or proofreading who are working towards applying for Professional Membership. Intermediate Members pay the same subscriptions as Entry-Level Members and, like them, cannot take an entry in the SfEP Directory of Editorial Services, but there are many SfEP benefits that they can take advantage of. In particular, every individual Intermediate Member receives a £25 voucher to be put towards the cost of SfEP training courses during their first year in this grade, and every Intermediate Member may advertise in our fortnightly listing IM Available.

You may remain in the Intermediate grade for up to four years. This leaflet explains how this works, with examples. If you leave the SfEP and rejoin us later, we'll take the earlier period of membership into account.

Please note: If you apply to join as an Intermediate Member, you must submit the evidence to support your application within one month of joining. If no upgrade form has been received within that time, we will enrol you as an Entry-Level Member; but of course you can upgrade at any time.

How to join the SfEP