Retired Membership

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We hope that Retired Membership will be attractive to some subscribers who have given a lot to the Society and might want to keep in touch. It enables us to show the value we put on your continued participation in our debates; and is a sort of thank you.

Someone who has been a Professional or Advanced Professional Member, has deliberately scaled down their professional proofreading and copy-editing activity and no longer wishes to use SfEP resources to gain work or take SfEP courses may become a Retired Member at the annual renewal (1 March each year).

The annual subscription is set at a special rate.  Retired Members may:

Retired Members may describe themselves, if they wish, as 'Professional Member (Retired)' or 'Advanced Professional Member (Retired)' (if they held those grades). However, no logo is provided, and we would prefer that you are no longer advertising or actively looking for editing work.

Please contact the office, if possible before 1 March, to confirm that you wish to renew as a Retired Member. In due course you will receive by email a renewal invoice showing that we have transferred you to that grade.

Because special terms apply to Retired Members, a change to Retired Membership is irreversible.