Retired Membership

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We hope that Retired Membership will be attractive to some subscribers who have given a lot to the Society and might want to keep in touch. It enables us to show the value we put on your continued participation in our debates; and is a sort of thank you.

The annual subscription is set at a special rate.  Retired Members may:

  • continue to belong to Local Groups
  • receive Editing Matters
  • access the Members' area of the website
  • obtain legal advice from our 24-hour legal helpline
  • receive SfEP Announce posts that do not advertise work available
  • describe themselves, if they wish, as 'Professional Member (Retired)' or 'Advanced Professional Member (Retired)' (if they held those grades) and
  • take advantage of non-editorial discounts negotiated for SfEP members

Please contact the office, if possible before 1 March, to confirm that you wish to renew as a Retired Member. In due course you will receive by email a renewal invoice showing that we have transferred you to that grade.

Because special terms apply to Retired Members, a change to Retired Membership is irreversible.