Upgrading your membership

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Individuals may apply for any grade of membership on joining the SfEP and at any time after joining they may apply to upgrade.

Joining the SfEP?

If you're joining the SfEP and already have some training and experience in copyediting and proofreading, you may be eligible to join straight away as a Professional or Advanced Professional Member. Find out more about entry at Professional level.

If you're not sure that your training or experience is yet enough for direct entry to a Professional grade, you can apply for Intermediate Membership.

Please note: If you apply to join as an Intermediate, Professional or Advanced Professional Member, you must submit the evidence to support your application within one month of joining. If no upgrade form has been received within this time, we will enrol you as an Entry-Level Member; but of course you can upgrade at any time.

Existing Entry-Level or Intermediate Member?

You can apply for Professional or Advanced Professional Membership at any time.

Existing Professional Member? 

You can apply for Advanced Professional Membership at any time.

How to upgrade

In any of these cases, if you want to upgrade, you may apply online. All applicants for an upgrade must pay a standard processing fee: £36 for Intermediate Membership or £47 for Professional and Advanced Professional Membership.

To upgrade your membership, you will need to demonstrate a level of training and experience. We recognise a wide range of editorial training and experience for this purpose.

For upgrading to Professional and Advanced Professional grades, you also need to provide references from satisfied clients.

Passing the editorial test entitles you to include work for non-publishers in your upgrade application.

There are time limits on membership of the Entry-Level and Intermediate grades. You may remain in the Intermediate grade for up to four years, and your total period in the Entry-Level or both grades may not exceed seven years. This leaflet explains how this works, with examples.

A note about mentoring

Mentoring points are counted separately from training and experience.

Mentoring can only be counted as experience if you became a mentee before 1 February 2015. 

How to upgrade