Continuing professional development

At Advanced Professional level, we want to see that you are committed to your development as a professional. We consider this to be a key distinction of the APM grade.

The longer ago your original training, the more important CPD is going to be. We all need to keep our skills and knowledge fresh, so we want to see evidence of your doing this during the past 36 months before upgrading, at least. As part of the overall minimum requirement of 15 points for training, 5 points are needed within this time frame.

Note that the 36-month rule is strictly applied, so if you have done little or no CPD within this period, your application will be rejected.

Evidence of CPD might include:

  • attendance at courses furthering your editorial skills (e.g. project management, onscreen skills), if not already supplied in either the in-house or external categories above
  • attendance at courses or conferences to further your knowledge base in your specialist subject area (this will need to tally with your work experience; you will need to show evidence of working in this area)
  • attendance at professional conferences related to editing
  • preparing and delivering training in editing skills to others
  • acting as a mentor
  • participation in knowledge-sharing forums, such as SfEP forums
  • devising in-house training scheme/document, etc., for editors/proofreaders
  • example(s) from live project(s) where you have developed a new or existing editorial skill, such as using XML, InDesign, project management.

Please include anything you think might be relevant, even if it is not covered by the list above, as we take a much more broad approach to this aspect of your professional development.

CPD and upgrading video

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CPD video