We want to see that you have experience of putting your training into practice and that you have enough experience to provide a competent service to your clients.

  • This experience might have been gained from working as an employee (in-house) or as a freelance (for companies, public bodies or private individuals).
  • We expect members at Advanced Professional level to be well trained and highly experienced.
  • For an application for Advanced Professional Membership to be successful, we therefore expect to see a far wider client base (with at least three clients represented and a range of work; the clients could include your in-house employer) and a much greater volume of work completed.
  • You need to provide evidence of at least 1500 hours of work in copy-editing and/or proofreading. Where an applicant has less than 1500 hours with a publisher, they will need a test pass to validate the non-publisher experience.
  • For someone working in-house, as a guide, this is probably around 8-10 years of employment, depending on how much of your job involves our core skills.

See our note on record keeping.

If you have lots of experience, you are welcome to submit an Excel spreadsheet rather than filling in each job/project in the online form.