Working for publishers

In general, if you work for companies whose main product is publications or who produce a large quantity of published material as a by-product, you will be working for someone who knows what good proofreading or editing looks like and will only give you more work if you do a good job for them. This type of client also provides useful feedback to help you to improve your work and the service you offer. The company is likely to be an organisation that falls into one of these categories:

  • book or journal publishers (except self-publishing organisations; see Working for non-publishers)
  • newspaper or magazine publishers
  • market research companies who produce a large volume of reports
  • government departments or quangos.

Please give us details of the work carried out for these clients. We will want to know:

  • the name of the client, together with the projects completed for them
  • the type of work done; we are mainly interested in proofreading and copy-editing but you can also include some project management, development editing or commissioning work (estimate what proportion of your time was spent on this other work)
  • an estimate of how long was spent on each project.

Many people work for set fees rather than an hourly rate but keeping track of how long each job is taking is an important part of a professional approach to time management, efficiency and budgeting, so we want to see that you are monitoring this.