Editorial test

If some or all of your work is for non-publishing clients, a pass in the basic editorial test will be needed for work for these clients to count towards your minimum hours of experience.

This is a straightforward online test, which shows us that you have the necessary skills, knowledge and judgement usually acquired through basic training in copy-editing and/or proofreading. It is not a difficult test, but the pass mark is set high (75%).

Details of the editorial syllabus, on which the test is based, are on the SfEP website.

The advanced editorial test, when it becomes available, will be worth twice as many points. It will require your skills in copy-editing, proofreading and use of English to be demonstrated in practice. 

Score (%) Points awarded
95–100 12
90–94 11
85–89 10
80–84 9
75–79 8
0–74 0