Essential information

How long have you been working in copy editing and proofreading?

When you are considering an application to upgrade, think about the length of time you have been working in copy editing and proofreading. It usually takes around 8–10 years of practice before advanced competence is achieved.

Who should apply?

  • You do not need to upgrade to Professional Membership before applying for Advanced Professional Membership.
  • You will have broad knowledge and up-to-date training.
  • You will be an expert, highly experienced professionally competent individual.
  • You may have skills in a specialist area, such as medical editing.

Are you a non-member wishing to join as an Advanced Professional Member?

  • You must submit the evidence to support your application within one month of joining.
  • If no upgrade form has been received within this time, we will enrol you as an Entry-Level Member (ELM).
  • You can also upgrade at any time if you join as an ELM.