Information we need from you about training

When supplying your information, please tell us:

For in-house (on the job) training:

  • Who you were working for
    If it is not a well-known company, it would be helpful if you could supply more information, such as the type of publication it produces and where the office was located.

For all training:

  • When the training took place
    Give exact dates if you can.
  • Who trained you
    Please supply details of their name, if possible, their position within the company and any other details you think will demonstrate their competence to train you. If the training was delivered to the company by an external provider, please identify them if possible.
  • What your training covered
    For example, BSI symbols, grammar and punctuation, onscreen techniques … please be as detailed as possible.
  • What form your training took
    For example, classroom-based course; on-the-job training.
  • How long and how intensive your training period was
    For example, a one-week course; one hour a week for three weeks.

Please send us your certificates.