You need to have been trained in proofreading and/or copy-editing (the core skills).

  • This training might have been as an employee (in-house) or with an external training provider (or a mixture).
  • Training could be formal or informal (informal training will attract fewer points).
  • For Professional Membership, we expect to see detailed training in one or both of the core skills.
  • You need a minimum of 10 points for training to upgrade to Professional Membership.

All training submitted must be fully completed. No post-dating of courses will be accepted. If you have not yet finished a course, please do not submit your application until you have done so.

In-house training

  • If you work or worked as an employee (in-house) for a company, please supply details of any training you have received from that company.
  • If you have 2–5 years of in-house editorial experience, but have no formal training, you can nevertheless show us that you have reached the required standard for Professional Membership in the core skills by submitting a pass in the online basic editorial test.

Independent training

There are a number of external providers of editorial training, which vary enormously in terms of the range and depth of training they provide. The Admissions Panel rate these courses according to a points system.

Examples of courses

Some examples of popular courses can be seen in our Training Course Examples document, which is available in the members’ area of the website.

See our page on relevant training courses.

Delivering editorial training

Please tell us about any editorial training that you have prepared and delivered.

Training details

Click the button below to see what information we need about your training.