For Professional Membership, we need to see one or more references from a satisfied client for whom you have worked for 50 hours or more.

  • You will need to provide contact details of at least one referee. It will add more weight to your application if you can provide two.
  • Please do not include more than three referees, as this may delay your application.
  • If possible, choose as a referee someone who is well qualified in our core skills of copy-editing and proofreading. An editorial professional is more suitable than, for instance, an academic journal editor.

Each of your referees should be from different clients – not different people from within the same company.

For all referees, we need you to:

  • provide contact details (including an email address) for your referee and the name of the client, with their position (for example, production editor, project manager, head of publications) at the time during which you worked for them (it does not matter if they have moved on or retired)
  • list the work completed for this client, together with how long each project took; we will want to see that you have completed a significant amount of work for this client, defined as around 50 hours for upgrading to Professional Membership
  • contact the referee before you apply to upgrade, to check with them that they are willing to be your referee and that they are expecting us to contact them.

We will not inconvenience your clients; please be reassured that the reference sheet we send them is a simple tick-sheet (with space for additional comments should they want to add anything) and should take them no longer than 5–10 minutes to complete.