A note on detail

If you only provide sketchy or general information in your application, the Admissions Panel will not be able to assess your experience fairly and your application will fail. Saying ‘Years of experience for a large number of clients’ is not sufficient. We need the detail!

The Panel allocates experience points on the basis of hours worked.

  • For freelance work, please provide the number of hours spent on each job, rather than its overall duration e.g. ‘52 hours’, rather than ‘2 weeks’, or ‘5.5 hours’ rather than ‘1 day’.
  • For full-time working in-house, the Panel applies a formula to produce the hours figure.

As a professional editor, you will have been maintaining detailed records (for HMRC purposes, for example) of your clients and the hours you have worked. The Panel needs to see this level of detail to assess your application fairly.