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Looking for a local SfEP group outside the UK?

At present the SfEP does not have any groups that meet outside the UK. However, we do have an International group for such SfEP members, and this group has access to an online forum and the SfEP Cloud Club, both of which provide a form of meeting place.

In addition, should you be visiting the UK, all members of the SfEP are welcome at any convenient local group meeting. Non-members can attend up to three local group meetings before joining the SfEP.

Active local groups in this region

Would you like to join the International group's online forum?

As the International group doesn't have actual meetings, you can join its forum, which helps everyone stay in touch.

View and join forum groups

Would you like to join the SfEP Cloud Club?

The SfEP Cloud Club provides access to regular videoconference calls for those based outside – as well as those working in remote areas of – the UK.

Looking for SfEP members outside the UK?

If you'd like to contact SfEP members in your area with the aim of forming a group and/or setting up a forum, contact the community director for details of how to get in touch.