Fact sheets

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You'll find here some short fact sheets that we have written about various aspects of editing and proofreading or working as an editor. Select the thumbnail image to download the fact sheet. If you are an editor or proofreader you may find some of them useful to pass to clients to explain what you do.

Proofreading vs copyediting

SfEP factsheet: Proofreading vs copyediting

Do you need proofreading or copyediting? This fact sheet summarises some of the differences to help you find the right kind of editor to work on your text. Editors may find it a useful resource to pass onto clients.

Training for proofreading or copyediting

SfEP factsheet: Training for copy-editing or proofreading

This fact sheet lists some of the skills and knowledge you should learn to work as an editorial professional. There’s more to it than being good at spotting typos.

Good practice for author queries

SfEP factsheet: Good practice for author queries

This fact sheet summarises some good practice tips on writing queries to authors, gleaned from the SfEP's experienced trainers and mentors.

Good editorial relationships

SfEP factsheet: Good editorial relationships

This infographic has some top tips for building good working relationships between client and editor.

The publishing workflow

SfEP factsheet: The publishing workflow

This infographic sets out the ideal stages in the publishing workflow, for all sorts of texts from documents to books, and highlights where editors and proofreaders can help.