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SfEP forums is the set of online discussion groups available exclusively to individual members of the SfEP. Created in 2012 as a successor to our email discussion lists, SfEP forums is where members discuss all aspects of working as an editor or proofreader.

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As ever, it is pretty great to put any question I want to the forum and be able to expect a sensible answer. I think it's one of those member perquisites that would be difficult or too self-regarding to express on the SfEP website, e.g. 'If you ask a thorny question, you'll get good examples, personal experience, reasonable counterpoints, nuanced aspects you never thought of, analysis of changing mores, and some humour – basically a better answer than you could have paid for.' 

Robin Black

The support you get from other SfEP members, who are so generous with their time and advice, is invaluable and so much appreciated. I just wish more people valued the forums and realised how much you can get out of them.

Lesley Ellen