Registering for SfEP forums

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SfEP forums is available only to members of the SfEP.

To register for the SfEP forums, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the SfEP forums registration page.
  2. Enter all of the following information:
    • Username – enter your SfEP membership number, adding leading zeros as necessary to make the username five digits long – e.g. '00123'.
    • Email – enter the email address associated with your SfEP membership. To check this, go to the Members' area of the SfEP website and then, under 'Your SfEP', click Update your details.
    • Real name – enter your full name.
    • Password – enter a password of your choosing.
    • Repeat password – enter the same password again.
  3. Read and agree to the Terms of service.
  4. Enter the spam-prevention code displayed as an image. If you cannot determine what the code is, refresh the page to generate a new code.
  5. Click Register for SfEP forums.

Your registration request will be sent to the moderators for approval. If the request is approved, you'll receive a confirmation email and will then be able to log in and use the forums.