About SfEP training courses

Online courses

The benefits of learning online include:

  • no travel or accommodation costs
  • being able to study at your own pace, at a time to suit you, wherever you are
  • having immediate access to learning materials and exercises in an electronic format
  • one-to-one interaction with your tutor
  • the opportunity to interact with other students via the course forum

When you sign up for an online course, you have access to the training material for four or five months (depending on the course); this may be extended in exceptional circumstances. You will be assigned a tutor to help you with any questions about the course. For assessed courses (currently P2, P3, CE2 and CE3), the tutor will mark three of your assignments and provide detailed feedback on them.

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The main benefits of workshops are that:

  • you can meet up with fellow delegates and network with them, and find out how other people at more or less the same stage in their editorial development are getting on; you can talk about pitfalls to avoid, how to look for more work, what other courses have been like, and so on
  • the tutor is there, on hand, ready to answer questions and give advice. The tutor will also monitor how people are getting on as they work through exercises, and can give off-the-cuff advice that simply might not occur to them if all they see is a final online assignment or email asking one question.

We are currently only running Proofreading 1: Introduction (P1) workshops centrally. A local group may organise any workshop course to be run in their area. Contact your local group organiser for details.

Arrangements for P1 workshops are handled by the SfEP office.

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In-house courses

When you have six or more people to train, ask us about our in-house training. Cost-effective and flexible, this can be tailored to meet your exact needs, at a time and place to suit you.

We come to you – for a day, half a day or a couple of hours – and run a programme that's tailored to your organisation, at a location to suit you, whether in-house on site or at a local hotel or conference centre. We can usually deal with large or small groups.

The price stays the same however many people you have to train (up to a maximum of 13 for most courses), which represents excellent value for money. In addition, you save on participant travel, time and accommodation, making the most effective use of your training budget.

We provide bespoke in-house courses to both conventional publishers and non-publishing organisations such as local authorities, statutory bodies, service providers and businesses. Building on an established portfolio of training courses, ranging from introductory to advanced, we can respond to the changing needs of organisations – and individuals – for basic training, support and ongoing development of editorial and writing skills. Read about how some companies worked with us to develop in-house training to suit their needs.

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