BSI marks for copy preparation and proof correction

The British Standards Institution's proof-correction marks are recognised throughout Britain and increasingly around the world. Why reinvent the wheel when you can use something tried and true?

By arrangement with the BSI, the SfEP can now supply copies of its standard for proof-correction marks: BS 5261C:2005 – Marks for copy preparation and proof correction (extracted from BS 5261-2:2005).

This useful 8-page list of the most up-to-date BSI marks, on laminated card, is an essential tool for all proofreaders and copyeditors.

The BSI charges £20.00 for each card. The SfEP charges substantially less:

  • SfEP members: £4.00
  • Others: £10.00

That's an 80% discount for SfEP members and a 50% discount for others.

The BSI cards may be purchased via the SfEP online shop:

Online shop

There is a maximum order of 5 cards per customer.

BSI marks cover


See also our BSI marks FAQs.