Course booking terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for workshop bookings

  1. If you have to cancel your booking for any reason, please let us know. If you cancel one calendar month or more before the course, we'll refund your fee minus a £10 administration charge. No refunds will be given for cancellations received less than one calendar month before a course, but we'll send you a receipt so that you can charge the fee to your accounts. (Courses may be an allowable expense for tax.)
  2. If, less than a calendar month before it's held, you find that you can't make the course you've booked, you may be able to transfer your booking for that course to another date or location. However, a £50 transfer fee will be charged if the transfer is requested within two weeks of the course date and the Society is unable to refill your original place.
  3. Confirmation emails are usually sent out a month before a course. If you've applied for a course that's already full, we'll contact you to inform you of the situation.
  4. Courses occasionally have to be cancelled because we've had too few bookings. We do all that we can to avoid this, but it's not possible to run a course if only a few people have applied. If the number of bookings is too low, we'll wait for some time after the usual closing date before cancelling the course, in case people book late. This will mean that confirmation emails won't be sent out a month before the course. You will, of course, be informed as soon as possible if the course is cancelled.
  5. The SfEP cannot be held responsible for travel or accommodation costs paid before a course has been confirmed, so please do not pay for travel arrangements before you have received your confirmation email (or alternatively, contact the office to confirm that a course is going ahead). Please note that the confirmation email saying that the course is going ahead is not the same email which you will receive acknowledging your booking.
  6. In the unlikely event that you don't receive an email or the course information you're expecting, please contact the office to make enquiries.
  7. Please read the course information when it arrives and check that the details are correct. Contact the office at once if anything looks wrong.
  8. If you have any questions regarding a booking you have made or would like to make, please contact the office. We will work with you to address any problems that arise.

Terms and conditions for online course bookings

  1. The SfEP offers online courses subject to availability of tutors and course material. The SfEP will enrol you and give access to your course material as promptly as possible, but the SfEP will not be liable for any loss, cost, damage or inconvenience arising from a failure to meet any estimated delivery date.
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure that you enrol on the correct course and that you have the ability and aptitude (and, where appropriate, the experience) to benefit from the SfEP course you have enrolled on.
  3. You are expected to read the course information when you enrol and check that the details are correct and complete. If anything looks wrong or incomplete, email or phone the SfEP office immediately.
  4. You have three months to complete your course. (You may have more than three months on some courses, but never less.) If for any reason you cannot complete the course within three months – or the time allowed on your course, if longer – you may apply for an extension (its length to be agreed with your tutor), for which a £10 administration charge may be incurred.
  5. Course materials are the intellectual property of the SfEP and may not be reproduced, circulated or distributed; they are provided solely for your own use as the student enrolled on the course that you have paid for.
  6. Posts on the course forum may be reproduced for personal use; they may not be used for tuition or any form of remuneration or other transaction.
  7. If you send assignments to the tutor by post, courier or similar means, and/or the tutor returns assignments in a similar way, the SfEP will not be liable for any loss, cost, damage or inconvenience arising from damage to or loss of the materials sent.
  8. The SfEP allocates professional development credits to courses at its sole discretion, and in any individual case its decision on such credits is final.
  9. The SfEP reserves the right to alter the content or any other aspect of the course at its sole discretion, to accommodate new circumstances. The SfEP will not make significant changes to the course as advertised without giving one month's advance notice.
  10. The SfEP reserves the right to change the price of the course at any time, after giving at least 14 days' advance notice. If the price has changed, you may either cancel your enrolment or enrol at the new price.
  11. If a course you have paid for has to be withdrawn for any reason, the SfEP will endeavour to enable you to complete the course; if that is not possible, you will receive a pro rata refund.
  12. If you have any administrative questions about, or problems with, a course on which you have enrolled or would like to enrol, please email the SfEP office, who will do their best to answer questions or work with you to address any problems. If you have any questions about, problems with or comments on the course itself, please email the training director.