Course fees

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Costs & refunds

All fees are shown in pounds (£). Fees for online courses are non-refundable, as immediate access is available to all the relevant course material.

Lunch & refreshments

The fee for each course covers not only training and course materials, but also a light lunch (all-day workshops only) and refreshments during the day.

Training vouchers

New SfEP Entry-Level Members and Intermediate Members are entitled to a training voucher worth £25 from the Dorothy Mitchell Smith Memorial Fund to help defray the costs of one SfEP course in their first year in those grades.

Transfer fee

If, less than a calendar month before a workshop is held, you find that you can't make the workshop you've booked, you may be able to transfer your booking for that workshop to another date or location. However, a £50 transfer fee will be charged if the transfer is requested within two weeks of the workshop date and the Society is unable to refill your original place.

Course Type Member Corp SI NUJ AFEPI/
IPEd Non-member
Proofreading 1: Introduction Workshop           n/a  
Proofreading 1: Introduction Online              
Proofreading 2: Progress Online              
Copy-editing 1: Introduction Workshop           n/a  
Copy-editing 1: Introduction Online              
Copy-editing 2: Headway Online              
Copy-editing 3: Progress Online              
Introduction to fiction editing Online              
Efficient editing: Strategies and tactics Workshop           n/a  
Brush up your grammar Workshop           n/a  
Brush up your grammar Online              
Going freelance and staying there Workshop           n/a  
Getting work with non-publishers Workshop           n/a  
Editing and proofreading music Workshop           n/a  
References Online              
Editing with Word Online              
Medical editing Online              
Practical mark-up of PDFs Workshop           n/a