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The table below lists the courses provided by the SfEP and gives an indication of their suitability:

  • Beginner: for those just starting out on a career in proofreading or editing (or wanting to find out if it is a suitable career for them)
  • Improver: for those who already have a knowledge of the basics (or perhaps who have taken a career break and want to brush up their knowledge before starting out again)
  • Experienced: for those who are experienced but want to maintain or extend their level of knowledge

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Course titleAvailabilityLevel
Proofreading 1: Introduction  
Proofreading 2: Progress  
Proofreading 3: Mentoring  
Copy-editing 1: Introduction  
Copy-editing 2: Progress  
Copy-editing 3: Mentoring  
Editing with Word
Editing and proofreading music
Introduction to fiction editing 
Efficient editing: Strategies and tactics  
Brush up your grammar
Going freelance and staying there  
Getting work with non-publishers 
Practical mark-up of PDFs

Passing Proofreading 2: Progress or Copy-editing 2: Progress is a requirement for acceptance on to mentored proofreading or copy-editing respectively. All mentoring is carried out by distance learning.

There is no set pathway for these courses: everyone has different needs. Some people are starting a new career; others will already be quite experienced and might want to skip the basics. Contact the SfEP office if you need advice on what course would be best for you.